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Read Brothers Grimm "Little Red Riding Hood". Modernize the story in set.



*TW* Assault


Upon reading the Brothers Grimm version of “Little Red Riding Hood”, I recognized it as a cautionary tale for women; as a woman do not let yourself wander too far from the path you are "supposed to" walk, otherwise a predator, in this case, a man, will take advantage of you. This is messaging myself and countless other women have received and it is reinforced in many interpretations of this story. Why must women, young and old, be fearful of assault? Why is it that women’s behavior is pointed to as though deserving of harm? Instead, where is the cautionary tale telling men not to be wolves?

Ultimately, the ending of the Brothers Grimm version of the tale offers some satisfactory revenge, and this is the twist I modernized. I reflected on the many spaces and places where women have to be most vigilant, aware, and also where assault is common. Through this, I decided to set this story in a city nightclub. When researching a reversed “Little Red Riding Hood” to seek inspiration and possible examples, I serendipitously discovered the movie “Promising Young Woman” whose protagonist “seeks out vengeance on evil men (most fervently those hiding beneath the “nice guy” facade)” (Valenti, 2021).


Drawing inspiration from the movie and from nightclub scenes, I emphasized pastels, pinks, and blues to represent dichotomy and complexity, while also utilizing the red from the curtain and couch for what I hope are obvious reasons!

inspiration & research

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stage provided by professor

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photoshop render

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