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project duration

10 weeks

my role

Story Development

Pitched utilizing conversational AI to team for project. Hayden's technology made it all happen! Spent much time learning from him! 

AI Conversational Design

Along with Hayden, Erin, and Eben, designed conversations, scripts, and parameters for the AI to draw from when engaging with guests. 


Hayden Allred, Nourah Abdulaziz, Noah Befeler, Sophie Blood, Adriana Cecchini, Erin Compton, Vivienne Lapeyre, Bethany Lavery, Sally Lindsay, Hannah Nagengast, Maya Peleg, Stefanie Perosa, Franco Ricci, Eben Scott, Coco Wu

Under the direction of Professor Bill Gorgenson

Design Research

Historical research on time periods significant to themed entertainment. Created mood boards, identified period-specific props, lighting, etc. 

Character Design

With team, identified the characters that would best represent our historical periods. Designed Maya, a SCAD student used to represent the present and the future of design and immersive entertainment. 

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