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5 weeks


Design a themed entertainment experience scale model inspired by an IP. Design must include an architectural element (building, kiosk, etc..) and include natural elements like trees, rocks, bushes, etc. 



Inspired by a WALL•E ride my team and I created in a previous Themed Entertainment intro course, I decided to expand on this concept by creating a model of WALL•E's house - a queue section in our design that would allow visitors to explore the little robot's home and collection. As my first ever scale model, I knew the 700-year dilapidation and intense textures would offer an awesome challenge. Created over 5 weeks, every piece was cut, sculpted, assembled, and painted by hand.


Balsa foam (pink and yellow), black foam, balsa wood, acrylic paint, wax, East Tennessee dirt

Inspiration & Research

Mood Boards

Created alongside team in Fall 2021 from THED intro course.

Queue Line
Transport Vehicle
Repair Bay
Captain's Quarters
Holo Deck
Space Dance

SketchUp Model

I created a SketchUp model to better understand the scale and measurements.

Progress Images

Final Images


  • Trust my instincts! Having never worked with these materials before, I had to learn how they could best serve my model. For example, after studying the concept work of WALL•E's house, peeling the layer of paper on the black foam created a great toothy texture for the rusted metal look on the exterior of the truck. 

  • Make decisions fast! I spent a lot of my time on pieces that I did not include in the model. They were secondary details and I realized that I was losing track of the bigger picture. Finishing the model was a mad dash at the end, but I am thankful that I was able to come to this realization at all so that I can make the whole of the truck look as best as I could.

  • Wax + acrylic = amazing rusted looks. Also, it's okay to use materials is unconventional ways (as long as it's safe!)

  • It's okay to make mistakes. In this case, I kept many little mistakes that actually helped in aging and texture. For a more precise model in the future, I have these learning outcomes to turn to and can feel more confident in the process. 

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